Why Detox?

What is Detox and why should I do it?

Fasting is the quickest method of bringing about elimination in the human body and the fastest way of getting toxic materials out of the body. This is in large part due to allowing the body a complete rest, so that it can stop processing  intakes of food, and concentrate on cleaning up what is already in the system.

As the body rests, it develops tone and vitality, more than is possible by any other procedure. Rest is in fact a cure because it gives us the vitality needed to throw off toxic material and to eliminate debris accumulated in the body over years. There are many ways to Fast, from a simple water fast, juice fasts and fruit fasts etc. Our programs include both fruit and juice fasting.

We offer a transformative concept in detox and health rejuvenation in four easy steps:


What are the benefits of  Fasting and Detox?

  1. Lose Weightlimes
  2. Regulate high blood pressure
  3. Decrease addictive tendencies (smoking, drinking, over-eating)
  4. Dramatically improved skin condition
  5. Reduce symptoms of diabetes
  6. Increased energy and vitality
  7. Release of emotional tension and stress
  8. Look and feel younger
  9. Minimize allergies
  10. Restore normal body function


What are toxins? Toxins are agents capable of causing our bodies harm. Every day our bodies consume toxins from our fast and modern life style. Toxins enter our bodies from many sources such as fast foods, smoking, coffee, skin products and even breathing the air. Today more than ever, we are exposed to stress, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, chemicals, pesticides, food additives, radiation, drugs, animal fats, low nutritional quality foods, bad eating habits and the list goes on. The end result of our current situation is a lower quality of life, shorter life span and progressive illnesses that most of us pass-off as just getting old.

intestinesThe removal of these toxins is essential for healthy body function. Your colon works hard to eliminate putrefying food, bacteria, viruses, indigestible chemicals, and fermented waste from your body. If the colon is overworked the toxins will build up and that’s when the problems start to emerge.
The evacuation of stool only once a day can result in 85% of bowel toxins being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. The colon becomes saturated with harmful toxins, which leads to a process called ‘auto intoxication’. This means that toxic substances get into the bloodstream and pollute the your entire body. The lymphatic glands, circulatory systems, lungs and kidneys become over worked and when these systems are unable to cope with the toxic overload your body becomes run down and serious health issues start to emerge.

Food Toxins

Most processed foods contain large amounts of chemicals. Artificial hormones are given to cows to produce more milk, chickens to lay more eggs, pesticides in vegetables so they retain a fresh look for longer period.

Toxins in the Air

Standing next to a smoker you are breathing in the chemicals from his cigarette, walking in the streets we breath in carbon monoxide fumes from motor cars, pesticide toxins sprayed on gardens, aerosol cans.

Toxins in the skin

Toxins are absorb into our bodies every time we apply suntan lotion, mosquito repellents, perfume, makeup, even skin care products have chemicals that are absorbed into the skin.

Radiation Toxins

Radiation toxins are emitted into the body from use of mobile phone, watching TV to close, even computer screens omits radiation toxins in small amounts. Our bodies are designed to remove toxins from our bodies but traces of toxic residue remains and slowly builds up in your body causing most of the major heath problems we encounter.

The effects of Toxic build up in the body

Toxins in the body creates a massive work load on the liver, kidneys, lymphatic glands, intestines, colon, blood, lungs and even puts a strain on the brain, When your body is subject to to this massive strain, heath problems will start to emerge. Simple health problems such as addiction to cigarette’s and alcohol, head aches, mood swings, PMS, Chronic fatigue Syndrome (CFS), lack of energy and motivation, skin irritation / dermatitis / eczema, allergies, chronic body fatigue and slow recovery from exercise, reduction in memory. Both physical and emotional stress is the end result of toxic build up in the body, most people think this result from getting old and accept it as normal, but with the Detox program you can remove the toxic build up in your body and enjoy the results of a healthy body and an improved quality of life.

“By fasting I have found perfect health, a new state of existence, and a feeling of purity and happiness, something unknown to most humans…” – Upton Sinclair


Fasting and the effect of the moon

The best days to fast are three days before the new and full moon. In themoon same way that the moon’s gravitational attraction causes tides in the ocean during the new and full moon periods, it also causes “tides” in our bodies, which are composed of over 70% water. According to scientific research, during the full and new moon days, and three days before and after, the moon’s gravitational attraction draws the liquid in our bodies upwards into our brain. This excess of fluid in the brain disturbs its functioning, resulting in various mental and physical symptoms such as restlessness, irritability, extremes of emotion, anger and strange behavior. Newspapers and police departments often report increased crime and disturbances during these times. These emotional disturbances start three days before the new and full moons, and fasting without water is a way to negate the disruptive effects of the moon and maintain a calm and balanced mind. This system of yogic fasting has a duration from Sunrise to Sunrise. You begin at Sunrise on the fasting day and eat nothing. If your body is strong you can also refrain from drinking anything.
On the next day, you can break the fast with lemon water, then with fruit and other suitable food.


Please note: Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not fast.