What you'll experience at Ananda Marga Yoga Detox Retreats

Cleaning your system

Regular fasting serves as a natural way to maintain good health, cure disease and improve your state of mind. During the fasting days and when breaking the fast, you will drink some lemon water with a bit of salt. This drink helps to flush the digestive system, eliminating waste material that might otherwise remain in the body if you didn’t fast.

Morning and Evening Yoga sessions

The yoga classes are suited to people of all levels. The combination of gentle moving, stretching and twisting together with deep breathing, speeds up the detox process. Through the practice of yoga one can find an inner peace and stillness, which reduces the toxic effects of stress and anxiety. Often during a fast, when the putrefied deposits are being eliminated from the system, old and sometimes forgotten emotions may surface. Yoga can help to deal with these. read more



Meditation is that time and space, devoted to becoming more aware of yourself in the present moment. The more we know about ourselves the more opportunity we have to live our lives in harmony with our deepest desires. read more

Nutrition Classes

Our classes on Health and Nutrition are designed to inform you about the necessity of a healthy diet. We stress the importance of eating vegetarian food and drinking plenty of water, improving digestion. Having good digestion strengthens our immune system, which prevents disease.



Cleansing Mud Packs

Mud packs are used for withdrawing toxins from our skin and replenishing essential minerals to the body. They also has a great curative effect on various types of skin disorders and relieve pain in the joints and other parts of the body.


Mutual Support

While we do not lead formal group sharing sessions, we do encourage our groups to share their experiences with each other in an empathetic way. There is much mutual support to be gained between people engaged in an experience, both from their similarities and their differences. Our facilitators are always on-hand to provide information and empathy.

A clean slate to write your new life upon

For many of our clients we provide a life-changing experience. A place in which to turn around their relationships to food, their bodies, and themselves. We provide you with the necessary knowledge of how to go about these procedures without the daily assistance of “professionals”. This is done with the highest degree of quality, in both the attention and information given.