Yoga & Meditation Retreat

We invite you to have a life changing experience for your Body, Mind and Spirit. This is avery special 5 day retreat is designed to help you to develop an overall wellness program, which you can integrate into your life. We’ll teach you practical approaches to common issues such as stress and weight management through healthy eating and a yoga program which includes not just the physical postures but breathing, meditation and special relaxation techniques.

The yoga classes are suited to people of all levels. The combination of gentle moving, stretching and twisting together with deep breathing provide greater body flexibility and deep relaxation. Through the practice of yoga one can find an inner peace and stillness, which reduces the toxic effects of stress and anxiety.

A cleansing and rejuvenating menu has been specially designed for our retreat guests by our nutrition expert. The menu is nutritionally balanced and prepared according to the sattvic (sentient) principles of the delicious vegetarian food served at Ananda Suruci. Through diet, yoga and meditation we will give you the tools required to naturally regulate the hormones in the body and reduce strain on the adrenal system.

  • 3 fresh and masterfully prepared vegetarian meals per day
  • Two yoga classes a day
  • Morning & Evening Meditation
  • Inspirational talks on food, nutrition and healthy living.
  • Plenty of time to relax and reflect in silence
  • Relax your body; cleanse & calm your mind in a tranquil, beautiful eco-village.
  • Visit to Hot springs

1st day2nd day3rd day4th day5th day
14:00 Registration05:30 Wake up05:30 Wake up05:30 Wake up05:30 Wake up
14:30 Introduction06:00 Meditation06:00 Meditation06:00 Meditation06:00 Meditation
15:30 Orientation06:30 Lemon water06:30 Lemon water06:30 Lemon water06:30 Lemon water
16.30 Bath/ Free Time07:30 Yoga Asanas07:20 Yoga Asanas07:20 Yoga Asanas07:30 Yoga Asanas
17:30 Yoga Asanas08:30 Juice08:30 Breakfast08:30 Breakfast08:30 Breakfast
18:30 Meditation10:00 Class10:00 Class10:00 Class10:00 Meditation
19:15 Dinner11:30 Free time11:30 Free time11:30 Free time12:00 Lunch
20:30 Evening walk12:30 Juice12:30 Lunch12:30 Lunch13:00 Closing circle
21:30 Lights out14:00 Free time14:00 Free time14:00 Exercise14:00 Goodbye
15:00 Mud pack15:00 Cooking class15:00 Hot Spring
17:30 Yoga Asanas17:30 Yoga Asanas18:00 Afternoon tea
18:30 Meditation18:30 Meditation18:30 Meditation
19:00 Soup19:15 Dinner19:15 Dinner
20:15 Evening walk20:15 Evening walk20:15 Evening walk
21:30 Lights out21:30 Lights out21:30 Lights out
Room TypePrice per personEarly-bird priceReturning Guests
Shared (4 per room)NT$12,000*NT$10,800NT$10,800
Couples or friends (2 per room)NT$18,000*NT$16,200NT$16,200
Single roomNT$24,000*NT$21,600NT$21,600